Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Java Emulator

Hi Andoiders,

I believe all of you had read your droid phone's specifications b4 purchasing or rather i can say, investing your money.
you also got a term in that as JAVA compatible == YES, MIDP ver.xx (some version wud be here like 2.0 or 2.2).
now have you tried to run a java file in your droid?
1) YES; hurrrray you are good enuf into android, no need to read this page further, thanks for your visit :)

2) NO; yes you are the one who needs this blog more than that of anybody else.
    Don't worry you just need a JAVA Emulator to run all of your java content within ur Droid.
Click on the below link to download the desired apk.
just install it in ur droid and within the emulator run ur JAR files and enjoy.
please leave ur comments in case you feel any problem...

that's all for the day.... C u soon. :)

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