Friday, June 3, 2011

Length Contraction

Consider a beam of light from a star several LY`s away. We think it took several years to get to us, but the light thinks it got here instantaneously due to time dilation in the moving frame. This must mean that velocity as observed by the light beam was infinite. The relative speed observed by us was, of course, only "c". Length contraction is merely a relative illusion, but the time dilation is REAL & proven.
If time dilation is REAL, we must define reality. Reality is only an appropriate idea within the frame under consideration. Therefore, the time dilation, being real in the moving frame will affect the VELOCITY in the moving frame, NOT the lengths. This gives the same predictions in science as length contraction but gives infinite speed in the moving frame coincident with the relative speed of "c". What better way to understand WHY "c" is the limit of relative speed.
There is still a contradiction here. Whilst space-time diagrams do explain these things clearly, the notion that red shift is observed from either frame is challanged by the proven relative time dilation of ONE frame relative to the other (eg 1971, Hafele & Keating). If time dilation were purely relative, then the clocks would end up the same time when re-entering the stationary frame, and they are not. Deduction, relative time dilation is also REAL!

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